Devin Bidwell
Myself and my wife

Hello there!

My name is Devin Bidwell, a web developer in Bremerton, Washington.


From a young age I was always interested in working with my hands. I opted to go to trade school for Welding when I was 18 and for the next 8 years proceeded to be a structural welder. Soon after, however, I injured my back and thought it was time to work my mind instead. From then on put my focus on my true passion: programming.

Professional (welding)

I started my welding career after trade school at a small fabrication company. I knew that I loved custom fabrication at that point. When I moved to Washington I found another custom fabrication job and grew my skillsets to learn structural welding as well. Finally after moving to Bremerton I found a smaller but more custom fabrication company. It was there that I got officially certified as a structural welder. While I no longer weld professionally, I still do enjoy drafting up blueprints in CAD for custom projects to do later down the road.

Professional (software)

I started my professional software development career by attending a web development bootcamp. There I learned React.JS, vanilla JavaScript, Node.JS, Java Spring, and Python. I quickly learned, however, that I was not a fan of vanilla JavaScript. Because I had prior knowledge in C# with the Unity game engine and Java with Spring I grew more closely attached to TypeScript. After bootcamp I found an excellent placement with Accretive Technology Group in Seattle, Washington. At ATG I am able to further develop my skills in other languages and frameworks. I also thoroughly enjoy teaching others the ins and outs of TypeScript and React.JS.