Devin Bidwell

My Projects

Atlas Terrain

Atlas Terrain is a group project developed by myself and 4 other game development enthusiasts. It allows developers and artists using the Unity game engine to easily create and modify their terrain using either pre-made stamps or stamps created by the user.

screenshot of the Atlas Terrain asset store (in development)


HMStream is my answer to the Plex media server. I don't like that with a home media server you still have to have an account with Plex in order to stream your own data. So I'm working on HMStream which will allow users to install a lightweight media streaming platform on their own computer. Encoding is done with FFMpeg and accounts created are stored on the users' own media server in a local database. The only reason it needs a central server is to provide DDNS functionality so users' can have TLS access to their servers without going through the hassle of setting it up themselves. This will allow HMStream to work securely in-browser.


DotnetDNS is my solution to parsing DNS packets via raw UDP sockets in C#. It allows developers to easily take a raw binary data from a UDP packet and convert it into a class format. It then allows you to create a DNS Response from that request to send back to the endpoint that sent the request.